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Teamworks provide a range of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP's) and Outsourced Counselling for various local and regional organisations. This is a cost-effective way of empowering your employees to resolve issues that may be beyond the scope of your management or HR department. We have consistent customer satisfaction ratings of 97 to 100%.

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There isn't a typical EAP program, as offered by a large scale provider. You and your staff receive prompt and personal attention, with a tailor made package to suit your specific needs.

The companies we provide EAP's for vary in size from 200 to 10,000 staff.

You choose the elements that suit your staff and budgetary needs:


This is where staff have the means, to make direct referral themselves.

Managerial referral

Your HR department or managers act as ‘gate keepers’ to the service.

Dedicated phone line

A freephone number your staff can ‘phone to speak with a counsellor, or to make an appointment. This allows staff to have immediate access to a counsellor, at their time of need. This is often followed up by further phone calls, or session(s) with a trained counsellor.


"Helpful to have someone guide me though my return to work"

"I was given the tools and ability to enable me to carry out my duties"

"Everything was useful… it has helped me immensely"