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Teamworks provide a range of face to face services, including counselling and coaching, mentoring and mediation.

This can be a one off session or a series of sessions.

At Teamworks we see the individual in the context of both their work and their home life. This informs all of our approaches and interventions.


counselling: via company

Teamworks provides a range of employee assistance programmes (EAP's) and outsourced counselling for various local and regional organisations. This is a cost-effective way of empowering your employees to resolve issues that lie beyond the scope of your management or HR department.
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counselling: self referred (self funded)

People can phone the Teamworks line, discuss their needs and then refer themselves for individual brief therapy. We respond warmly and empathetically, with the aim of linking you back with your resources.
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supervising others

Supervision, ensures that your programmes and staff are working effectively.
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post trauma stress therapy

I have been working in the trauma field since 1982 and have expertise both in the provision of post traumatic stress services and facilitating/training others to work in this specialist area.
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